How much weed is too much weed?

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 Marijuana is still very much considered a vice, no matter how normalized its use may have become. This is largely due to one fact; its users still commonly abuse it. This is not an over the counter product with labelled specifications and dosages. It is not a one size fits all product. Certain quantities and dosages are either too little or too much for users at different stages of their journeys.

Despite Nigeria ranking as the third for cannabis use globally, public opinion is still largely negative regarding the product and its users are often vilified. There is clearly a disconnect somewhere and the purpose of this series is to seek it out.

In a country where the sale and use of the product is prohibited, not to mention the constitution regarding marijuana use being underdeveloped, we are fascinated to know how people navigate these uncertain waters.

We will be examining a few individuals who either have been kind enough to anonymously or directly open up on their marijuana use and preferences to our Vices column. This will be an ongoing series so look out for an interview every week.

Title Card for Laime

For our premiere episode, we sat down with budding artiste/Buzz Gang precursor; Laime to discuss his take on just how much weed is too much weed.

When did you first discover marijuana?

In University.

Where did you go to university?

Well I started out in Babcock and by my second semester there, I had started smoking weed with a couple people. Shout out Jazza. That’s my brother. However, I did not finish in Babcock.

What’s the story there?

I got drug tested a few times, it came back positive, and we all know how that goes in private “Christian” universities. So I ended up finishing school in another private university in Anambra, where they all had to smoke was some shit they called “uncut”. Shout out to my Eastern brothers out there, una dey try.

What was your first opinion of it?

I never really held any delusions about it. Weed is not such a great thing. It is definitely not worthy of the glorification it receives from a lot of people.

Did you believe it would become a gateway drug for you?

No, not instantly. That’s not the first thing you’re thinking about.

Did it become a gateway drug for you?

For certain.

What else did you try after?

Lean. Pills. Some other stuff I will not say. I’m not heavily involved in any of that though. Those were mostly phases. And you know how I know weed is a gateway drug? Because it’s the one thing that is there when nothing else is. If you engage in any other vices, it will be present every single time you are partaking.

How long did it take between your first use and habitual use?

Not long. I transitioned quickly.

Most people usually have to deal with the complexities of picking up and preparation.

I did not have those issues. Two rooms over from mine was the biggest trapper in BU and we happened to be cool at the time so I never had any supply issues.

What is the most you have ever smoked/ingested?

I am never in competition with anyone. One blunt and I’m out.

What is the worst situation you have ever been in as a result of marijuana use?

Preferred strains

OG Cookies, Girl Scout Cookies. Shout out to my Abuja plug, *redacted*.

First experience

I personally had a very mid first experience with weed. For one I could not tell if I was high or not.

So, not the best first experience

No, not nearly lmao. To begin with, one of the people present had laced the joint with a pill. I think it was Refnol. I personally did not know the difference between a laced joint and a regular one at that point so I did not know how to feel. I remember everyone fronting like it was the best shit ever but that had to be the most trash session I was ever in.

Lmao. So how did you find yourself there?

If I’m being totally honest, I was just trying to escape my situation at the time. You know the drill. Formative years, I ran into some girl trouble. The emotional trauma that followed just made me want to numb myself to the feelings.

Best experience

This is hard to put into words. It’s like this. If you smoke daily for a year, and you have a hundred spectacular nights, you would have been high for maybe 75% of them. So one best experience is hard to quantify. But I’ve had some very good days while high. I wouldn’t say they were that good because I was high though. Do you feel me?

Worst experience

Police. Normal.

We’re going to need some context.

I’ve been arrested before. For possession. Shout out to SARS. The truly worst experience was a night in Abuja. I was in a car with three other people plus the driver. And all four passengers had at least a quarter ounce in our possession. So one ounce between all four people. Then we got pulled over at a routine checkpoint. There was no way in hell we were getting searched. I don’t really know about the weed laws in Nigeria but that’s a felony amount anywhere. It turned into a car chase through Gwarimpa. Now every time I hear that one Nipsey Hussle song “Racks in the Middle” I have flashbacks. That was the soundtrack to the entire ordeal. RIP Nipsey.

Family situation (are they aware of your use or not)

They know. My mum knew. RIP Mama. I’ve definitely gotten in trouble over it too. But at this point I’m currently at, I’m not so reliant on anyone’s resources so opinions are really just opinions. But most of my past is credited to youthful exuberance. I’m doing alright right now, no one really has any issues about it.

Would you say you were addicted?

I would definitely say that. I definitely need to calm down. This might be a reality check. I feel like weed might be the most addictive substance. Doing bad shit is cool, but you have to acknowledge that it’s bad shit. You can’t glorify it to the world and to yourself too.

Dream session

Burna Boy. That’s it.

Can you make an estimated max spend?

That is a hard fucking question. Modestly speaking, in the last 2 months, about 150k. In the past year, over a million naira. 750k if I consider what I do not pay for.

Is this just you?


Blunts, joints or bongs?

I’m a blunts guy for sure. I hate bong rips, it feels like you’re rushing the high, and joints don’t quite cut it either for me.


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