Brevity Is Here to stay, but we do not Have to Hate It.

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 AYUU and AYLO deliver a heartfelt set of ballads.

Late last year, two of Nigeria’s finest contemporary artists Ayüü & AYLØ dropped a 3-track joint project titled “ØÜ”. While it’s been in our rotation since its release, we’ve had a hard time finding the words that adequately quantify its greatness. The project finds the artists injecting an impulsive R&B feel into a traditionally ambient sound. They fuse monologues, dialogues and share pivotal experiences over production from 80 Sounds, JoceWavy & LarryD. “Careless” is the first song off the project and is a verse from the dependable Tay Iwar helps lift the levels on the otherwise dour arrangement. He also doubles as the engineer of this quality piece of work

2017 will be remembered as the year of the collaboration album and although we saw quite a few misses, this has to rank as a key hit. Especially for Nigeria.

 The lyrics are all thoughtful, the entire vibe is melancholic and concise, and it rides with a fluidity you’d be forgiven for thinking you could only find from mainstream artists with mainstream production. AYLØ’s verses are precise and pensive. The production cradles you till the 11 minute and 10 second project finishes playing and you hate yourself because you forgot to put the damn thing on repeat. The only apprehension we had about the project must be the fact that it is not double its length (you almost never notice because of how well spaced the arrangements are). That is also one of its biggest strengths. In an era of music that is going to be remembered for more volume than quality in an effort to hack streaming specifications, this is a lesson on the virtues of brevity.

 This is what collaborative efforts are supposed to sound like, both artistes complimenting each other from start to finish. 

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