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19-year-old Ictooicy is quickly becoming a veteran by the sheer amount of content she has under her belt. 

 As opposed to her last record, which didn’t go up instantly, the new project has had an immediate impact. It is also her second project this calendar year, with the exception of a slew of singles. With delayed but impactful production by her frequent collaborators; Chris and Pan & Lexis, she attempts to set a mood in about seven minutes.

We caught up with her recently to see how the project was conceptualized and how she’s feeling about it all.

GxG: This is your second project this year. How are you feeling?

ICY: Honestly, I had a bit of anxiety before it came out. It’s hard to describe but the reception has been really great so far. It’s been a month and it already hit number 4 on the Apple Alternative Charts. 

GxG: Any reasons in particular why the project is so brief?

ICY: It is brief because I love releasing content. It does something to me, but management is important. I think that is one of its strengths. And I think I got the point across. It has good replay value. We have some earworms on there.

GxG: Any hope for more content this year?

ICY: No, I don’t plan on releasing any more projects this year, maybe a few singles here and there, but nothing full length.

GxG: How does it feel to outdo yourself every time you drop?

ICY: It feels good that people can actually see my progress in real time and see me getting better with every release, because I’m honestly always trying to better myself. I guess the validation is nice.

GxG: How did you feature(s) with Fasina and Jayda happen?

ICY: I think it crystallized in December. I met him in December and we sort of became friends. I’d been a fan since his early stuff and I messaged him, asked if he’d like to be on a song and I sent him a beat. I think he had his verse before I did. For Jayda I’d sent her a DM a couple of months ago and I don’t think she saw it because she didn’t reply for a while. I sent her the beat for “Shadows” and she said she was down to work. Since there was no rush, we just took our time with it and wrote it properly. I think we might have built a friendship over it.

GxG: Biggest inspiration to make this tape?

ICY: I wanted to capture the whole calm, solemn, sad sound. All my previous releases have been more emotional. Mostly, I wanted to capture nostalgia. For “Faaji” especially, I wanted to make something that reflected the Lagos nightlife scene. Something fun and lighthearted as opposed to my usual thing. I’m honestly so gassed because of the variety of the project.

GxG: So this was more detached?

ICY: Exactly. Not as heavy as anything else.

Listen to Icy’s new EP here today.

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